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There are two price tags to consider when investing in the proper indoor sport surface. The initial cost of installation is important. The cost to replace versus the cost to refurbish should also be considered when making this important decision. The installed cost of any new gym floor is high and is probably the most expensive floor in the entire building project. However, the gym floor is also the focal point of any athletic facility and in many cases will be seen by more participants and the community than any other floor in the building. Many facility managers have found that choosing an athletic floor based strictly on installed price alone can lead to a high-visibility mistake. We can help. The Covington Legacy of maple and synthetic sport floor installation is unmatched in the southeast. Why not put our experience to work for you as you choose a floor for your new facility. Covington is the Choice of Champions.

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Debbie Deason

Commercial Sales
Business Development

Cell: 205-515-3222

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Adam Exelbierd

Athletic Sales
Northwest Tennessee
North Central Mississippi
NE, NW and SW Louisiana

Cell: 901-562-7339

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Derrick Heberling

Athletic Sales

Office: 205-328-2330;304

Cell: 404-386-9755

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Mario Aguilar

Athletic Sales
San Antonio & the Valley

Cell: 737-281-9594

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James Cherry

Athletic Sales

Cell: 832-421-0062

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Erica Parker

Athletic Sales
East and Central Tennessee

Cell: 615-969-4080

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Jay Henley

Athletic Sales
South Alabama
South Mississippi
SE Louisiana
NW Florida

Cell: 251-802-3494

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Michael Matthews

Athletic Sales
North Alabama
Central Mississippi

Cell: 205-478-9704

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