UTSA Rec Sports

Location: UTSA - San Antonio, TX
Date Completed: Fall 2022
Manufacturer: Robbins Sports Surfaces

Students at UTSA are ready to take their skills to the next level with the new BioChannel SB basketball floor from Robbins and Covington/NAH of Houston. The floor is designed to give the participant a responsive court surface that provides consistent ball bounce,  improves traction and mitigates potential injury traceable to muscle fatigue. The ultra-durable design ensures the court can handle heavy use for years to come.

This low-profile BioChannel SB system is an excellent choice for retro-fitting a new maple floor into an existing space but with minimal accessibility issues. The safety-tested design exceeds all domestic and international standards for shock absorption, ball bounce, rolling loads and coefficient of friction levels and makes it an excellent choice for new construction as well.

With BioChannel SB, you’ll be able to show off your skills like never before!

Choose the company the Champions call… call Covington! The Choice of Champions.

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