University of Houston

Location: Houston TX
Date Completed: Summer 2023
Manufacturer: Robbins Sports Surfaces

Campus recreation programs and facilities have become major components of the modern university recruitment strategy. These programs and facilities are considered to be major components of the ultimate decision a student makes to attend a certain institution.

Robbins continues to become the ideal source for sport and recreational flooring in the mega-recreational facilities being constructed or renovated on college campuses. The University of Houston is no exception.

The new Air-Channel Star hardwood flooring system serves as the focal point of the facility, offering students and faculty participants an optimal balance of slide versus traction, safety, performance, and comfort found in Robbins’ bio-mechanically correct systems. 

Alongside the Robbins hardwood gymnasium floor, the Multipurpose Activity Center (MAC) Gym features a durable multipurpose floor designed for heavy use, making it a popular choice at universities nationwide.

For the MAC, the Robbins Pulastic Classic 90 was selected. Pulastic offers 16 popular colors and a renewable finish that ensures sustainable play and performance for the life of the facility. While sanding and finishing are common renovation methods for wood floors, the Pulastic system allows owners to apply a new wear surface, change colors, add court marking stripes for various sports like basketball, volleyball and pickleball and all done so within a fraction of the cost of removing and replacing sheet rubber or vinyl alternatives.

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