Shelby County High School (AL)

Location: Columbiana AL
Date Completed: Summer 2023
Manufacturer: Robbins Sports Surfaces


Today, we’re spotlighting the BioChannel SB basketball floor from Robbins and Covington, destined to be a “game-changer” for Shelby County High School athletes in Columbiana, Alabama. 

This innovative maple floor offers consistent ball bounce and improved traction that not only enhances performance but also mitigates the potential for muscle fatigue-related injuries.

Its robust design guarantees longevity even under heavy use. The low-profile BioChannel SB system is perfect for upgrading an existing maple floor with minimal accessibility issues. 

This certified design surpasses all national and international standards for shock absorption, ball bounce, rolling loads, and friction levels. It’s equally ideal for new constructions as well as retrofitting into an existing gym. 

BioChannel SB in your venue you can elevate your game like never before.

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