Rice Tudor Fieldhouse – TX

Location: Houston TX
Date Completed: Summer 2023
Manufacturer: Robbins Sport Surfaces

The Robbins MVP high-performance system has been installed at Rice University’s Tudor Gym, marking a significant transformation of the athletic space. Covington’s Houston office expertly oversaw the retrofit project, ensuring the seamless replacement of the old floor with the new system. 

Designed to absorb shock and provide optimal vibration damping, the MVP system creates a safer and more comfortable playing surface for athletes. The meticulous and precise installation process ensured that the new floor met Rice University’s rigorous standards. The MVP system’s innovative design and construction provide a consistent playing surface that is both responsive and durable. Athletes will benefit from the improved resiliency and reduced stress on their joints, allowing them to perform at their peak potential. 

The retrofit of the Arena Floor is a testament to Rice University’s dedication to providing its athletes with world-class facilities. The Robbins MVP system is a significant upgrade that will enhance the athletic experience for years to come. The project is a shining example of Covington’s expertise in sports flooring installation and their commitment to providing exceptional service. 

The successful completion of this project demonstrates the company’s ability to deliver high-quality results on time and within budget.

For more information on Covington and the Robbins MVP system, call one of our sales professionals. Additional info on the MVP system itself can be be found here.

MVP Proven Performance

  • Ultimate safety and comfort with ‘MVP’ Maximum Vibration Control
  • Optimal vibration damping
  • Tuning of MVP eliminates resonance frequencies
  • Absolute uniformity through patented innovative system design
  • Continuous laminated subfloor panels
  • Anchored via the resilient layer, no hard connections to active layers
  • Factory manufactured subfloor
  • Unparalleled game-play response through unique design
  • Extreme Uniformity of Ball Bounce, Deflection and Force Reduction – Superior Athletic Performance
  • Heavy load capable  –  Designed for easy load accommodation