Location: Mississippi State University - Starkville MS
Date Completed: Summer 2023
Manufacturer: Robbins Sport Surfaces

The iconic Mississippi State basketball arena, affectionately known as “The Hump”, recently completed a comprehensive renovation that included the installation of a new floor by Covington. 

Humphrey Coliseum located near Starkville, Mississippi has been the home of Mississippi State basketball for over four decades. The renovation project, which spanned over two phases, encompassed a wide range of improvements, both inside and outside the arena. Phase one focused on enhancing the exterior of the arena, including new entrances, updated signage, and improved accessibility features. Phase two, finalized in 2023, centered on transforming the arena’s interior, including the installation of the new floor, and state-of-the-art lighting systems.

The new Robbins MVP system installed by Covington, represents a significant leap forward in athletic surface design. Robbin’s most innovative design focuses on optimizing bio-mechanical interaction between the athlete and floor by minimizing vibration and maximizing uniformity. 

Excellent energy return improves performance, comfort, and safety while Vibration damping reduces muscle fatigue and lessens risk of athlete injury.

The renovation of Humphrey Coliseum signifies a major turning point for Mississippi State University and its athletic programs. The revitalized arena now stands as a world-class facility, poised to provide a premier environment for the university’s athletes and fans to experience the thrill of basketball for generations to come.

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