“Hat Trick” at Harlandale

Location: Harlandale ISD - San Antonio TX
Date Completed: Summer 2022
Manufacturer: Robbins Maple Flooring - www.robbinsfloor.com

The Harlandale Independent School District in San Antonio TX scored three new summer gym floor renovation projects as they replaced the old, worn-out sheet rubber gymnasium floors.  Covington sales professional Mario Aguilar worked with school facility officials to execute the replacement of the old floor with three brand-new Robbins maple floors. Each floor was installed by Covington crews and finished with new graphics, game-lines and renewable finishes. 

According to Aguilar, “sheet rubber and vinyl floors don’t really ‘wear out’ – but they do ‘ugly-out’. Unfortunately the owner has no choice but to replace with a new floor.” 

“Robbins Maple floors, on the other hand, can be recoated annually or as needed to restore the glossy appearance and slip-resistance required for most indoor sports activities. In addition, maple flooring can be periodically sanded and completely restored with new team branding and restored playability.”

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