Bryan “Legends” Event Center

Location: Bryan TX
Date Completed: Fall 2022
Manufacturer: Robbins (BioChannel SB)

The Bryan Texas “LEGENDS” Event Center is an impressive facility with many top-of-the-line amenities that make it an attractive venue for athletes of all ages. See the Feature video here:

Constructed in the Fall of 2022, the centerpiece of the event center is its 70,000-square-foot gymnasium, complete with eight regulation-sized basketball courts along with 16 regulation volleyball courts.

The gymnasium features a sophisticated flooring system designed to provide a safe, comfortable and consistent playing surface for athletes of all skill levels. Professionally installed by Covington/NAH, the Robbins BioChannel SB system features genuine Northern Hard Maple (the player’s choice) laid over a highly resilient subfloor system designed to mitigate injury related to hard surfaces and offers superior shock absorption and ball-bounce performance.

The BioChannel system is designed to meet or exceeds all international standards for basketball and volleyball play. For more information on maple and multipurpose floor solutions for your new or renovated gym, visit our website to find the sales professional nearest you.