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Seamless Padded Polyurethane

Robbins offers a wide array of Seamless Padded Polyurethane Floor Systems. Each system may be designed to fit your budget, facility, and activity needs. Choose one of the floor system categories below to learn more.

Multi-Purpose Floor Systems

Robbins multi-purpose synthetic floors include the “traditional” Pulastic systems that provide excellent comfort and safety in a high performance floor. These systems are perfect for a variety of indoor applications including; basketball, volleyball, aerobics, gymnastics, school cafeterias, and other multi-purpose areas…

Specialty Floor Systems

Robbins specialty synthetic floors include a variety of uniquely designed Pulastic systems that are made for very specific applications. These systems are highly durable and have been specifically built to enhance athletic performance. Our specialty system applications include; weight room, outdoor tennis, walk/jog tracks, and a variety of competition level sports…

Renovation Systems

Robbins renovation systems include a variety of options to give your facility’s padded polyurethane floor a facelift to restore its overall appearance and beauty  Whether your floor is a Robbins original, or another manufacturer, Robbins can customize a floor system renovation that will not only bring your old floor back to life, but will also improve the comfort and safety of your players…

Track & Field Floor Systems

Robbins track and field floors include system options specifically designed to enhance the performance and safety of the athletic. These custom built systems are spike proof and extremely durable to withstand heavy athletic use and equipment. Robbins track and field products are perfect for indoor competition fieldhouses, arenas, and multi-purpose facilities…



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