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Gym Floor ROBBINS Pulastic Classic 110,Gym Floor ROBBINS Pulastic Classic 110,Gym Floor ROBBINS Pulastic Classic 110,The Most Trusted Name in Sports Floors….Recognized as the leader for indoor sport floors, Robbins provides safe, comfortable, high performance surfaces for the athletic elite. 19 out of 30 NBA teams and more than half of NCAA Division I schools compete on Robbins sport floors. However, the vast majority of maple and synthetic floors installed by the Robbins dealer network are found in high schools, middle schools and elementary schools.

Secondary Schools and their demand for athletic and physical education space require the attention to detail only Robbins can provide. Safe surfaces not only help today’s young athletes play their best, but safeguard against injuries caused by the effect of impact force or slippery floors.

RIMARY AND ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS also benefit from selecting a Robbins sport surface. Tomorrow’s athletes under construction today are benefited by proper traction and shock absorption. Orthopedists concur that young sport participants require safe surfaces to reduce the effect of impact and overuse injury. Robbins offers both maple andsynthetic floor systems designed to provide optimal levels of resilience and traction—and for a wide range of budgets as well.

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