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Ole Miss 2017

Cornerstone School

Birmingham Refinish - Sportwood

Brookwood High School

Tuscaloosa New - Air Channel Star

Miss State University: Newell-Grissom Volleyball Center

Miss State, MS Refinish - BioCushion Classic

Mississippi State, Starkville, MS

ROBBINS Bio Channel Classic

More Robbins Flooring

MSU Team Room Wall

Maple on Wall

Learn More About Covington

Gulfport High School

Gulfport Middle School 20,000 SF Robbins Bio-Channel Star 3rd Grade & better / Boston Square

Brandon Middle School

First UMC Pulastic Classic 90 5800 SF

Covington Flooring Company

Why Covington?

Covington means flooring. Our Market Emphasis includes Healthcare/Medical, Education, Church and Religious Facilities, Office and Commercial Real Estate, Retail Space Improvement, Health and Fitness Centers, and Government Facilities.


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